TGP #253 – Emerald Air

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #253 hosted by Don Baine, produced by Mike Baine.emerald The Smartest Sensor and Air Purifier
Get rid of viruses, allergens and airborne threats. Make your home healthier, office more productive. Meet Emerald Air
Complete system, that monitors and cleans the air around you to protect your family from sickness.
It not only detects all the harmful substances released from finishing materials, human breathing and air conditioning system but also filters odors, smoke, particulate matters, VOC, and allergens. What is more important thanks to UV LED disinfection technology it kills bacteria and viruses for the air you breathe.You don’t need to have your mobile always with you. You can make a quick check of the air quality just by touching the device, to be sure that your home is clean. If you see a green light it’s ok but a red light is an alert that something is not right.

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