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Universe2go – Have you ever stood under the night’s sky and asked yourself: “What are all those stars up there?” Is there anybody who can tell you? The answer is within reach: Universe2go.EXPERIENCE THE STARRY SKY LIKE NEVER BEFORE!
Universe2go is an interactive viewer, combining the real starry sky with the digital world. An absolute worldwide novelty! But how does Universe2go do this? The answer lies within the term “Augmented Reality” and the fantastic possibilities of modern Smartphones. You alone determine what Universe2go shows and tells you. The innovative and intuitive controls allow you to choose from various menu options without ever taking your smartphone out of the star viewer. Universe2go is an entirely new and recently developed star viewer, which, in combination with the accompanying App, shows you the starry sky. Just download the free App from the App Store and place your Smartphone into the star viewer.
And when the stars appear in the night sky, you’ll be ready to get started: Once outside, look up to the sky through the Universe2go. You will find all the constellations, planets or Deep Sky objects you desire. Take a trip through the cosmos with full orientation like never before! You simply control your Universe2go by the movement of your head. Universe2go has been developed with plenty of love and attention to detail and is “made in Germany”. The core of Universe2go is the software, which will be developed further, in order to provide the best experience to its users – so look forward to learning about the functions and content added in the future.

In combination with the accompanying Smartphone App this newly developed star viewer shows the stars with a wealth of information and fantastic images. The personal planetarium on the go!
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