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Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #289 hosted by Don Baine. Speechnotes – Ronen Rabinovici studied mathematics, physics & computer sciences and has a Master’s in physics from Weizmann institute. He always loved math and creating, and took many awards in math competitions as a kid. A few years ago,he made the Jewish Timeline ( infographic, which since then became main stream – and de-facto The Timeline being used all over the world to study Jewish chronology. It’s being used by schools, by the Hebrew University and also shown in some exhibitions (eg – it’s shown in the Bible City – Jerusalem). Not surprisingly Ronen has gone on to develop some amazing technology centering on speech recognition. Here are a few of his most popular successes!
1) TTSReader – the most popular online text-to-speech reader, reads pdf files too.
2) TTSReaderX – adds reading capabilities to the Chrome browser itself – ie – adds text-to-speech to every website, without leaving the page. Can read out loud the whole page, or selections. Especially great for Wiki articles, blogs, …
3) TTSReader for Android – same as above – for Android – so you can share any text / file with the app – and it will read it in the background (same as a music-player)
4) Speechnotes – the most popular dictation notepad on the web. Rated 4.7! on the Chrome store! Users’ feedbacks are like: “We ditched Dragon (100$ software) for Speechnotes (100% free)
5) Speechnotes for Android – Dictation notepad for mobile, supports bluetooth – and our patent-pending dictation keyboard.
6) Speechkeys – My personal favorite – the world’s first dictation keyboard. Patent-pending – and I believe that’s the future… It allows dictating, at the same time as using the keyboard for punctuation and symbols. => You dictate words – you type symbols => Enhances speed, accuracy and more natural.
7) Speechlogger – instant translation Speech-to-Speech
8) TextHear – a cooperation with Geemarc – we’re developing devices for hearing impaired – it’s a small revolution – will transform any regular phone to a caption phone…

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