IdeaPlay BP300 Portable Power Generator TGP #454

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #454 hosted by Don Baine.
250WH – 67500mAh Outdoor portable power generator with two AC outlets, Type-C USB, and fast charge USB it can handle several devices at once.
Dual AC outputs and a peak 300W output lets you power essential electronics.
4 USB outputs including type-C and fast charge so you can recharge phones and tablets in next to no time.
Clean green power – the BP300 runs silently and has no fumes. You can charge the power station from an AC wall socket or with a solar panel
Outdoor portable power generator – Whether your camping, enjoying a picnic in the park or need an emergency power supply the BP300 has you covered and is easy and light enough to take with you.

Three Charging Options – Charge from the wall socket, a solar panel or even your vehicles aux port, it’s easy to keep the BP300 recharged on or off the grid.

Safety Guaranteed – Advanced safety functions include overcharge protection, over release protection, overcurrent protection, Short circuit protection, over power protection and over temperature protection ensuring it operates safely with all your devices.

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