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An interesting device on Kickstarter………..
Woosh: Transform your home’s HVAC into a smart air purifier
The new solution for cleaner indoor air
An Air Quality Monitor & Smart Air Filter that work together to automatically protect your entire home’s air.
Woosh actively monitors air quality and when paired with a Nest or Ecobee Smart Thermostat, automatically circulates filtered air when air quality is poor.
Room purifiers do not solve the problem of air quality for the entire home. In-room air purifiers are simply band aid fixes while the real solution is using the HVAC system to purify air your whole household.
Ever wondered how clean your air really is? Just like your thermostat measures the temperature of your air, the Woosh Air Quality Monitor (AQM) continuously monitors your home’s indoor air quality. When the air needs cleaning, the AQM automatically protects your home’s air by turning on the HVAC fan to filter the air.

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