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Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #545 hosted by Don Baine.
After trying this device out for the last few days I have noticed that you cannot use it for anything other than is just to slow!!

We will feature a bunch of Free apps this week…..enjoy

WOW – this is as close as I can get for this item !! Not exactly the same as the one I bought…and it cost a bit more….But still worth it for 16T.
DESIGN: Solid aluminum construction for durability and maximum heat dissipation. Integrated temperature and health monitoring system. Tool-free magnetic fasteners for easy instalation.Power adapter is required and included.
FUNCTION: This is a removable external drive with plug and play function out of the box, the drive can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. You can buy a single or multiple combinations!
SPEED: Never slow down! High energy efficiency and single disk speed up to 650MB/s per single SSD or up to 1.3GB(1300MB)/s when using multiple combined modes. (Combined mode: Data is interleaved between two or more physical disks to maximize performance.) Note: 1GB=1000MB!!

We also feature our weekly Free APPS selections as well as tech news and comments!
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