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SANDMARC Wide Lens helps you capture ultra wide sharp photos and videos both in the front and rear iPhone camera. With a multi-coated 16mm lens and versatile mounting system, the Wide Lens comes with the world’s thinnest lens case and a clip-mount, offering 2x more field of view and encouraging photographers to tap into new realms of creativity. This focal length is optimal for nightscapes, and this lens’s ultra-wide aperture is highly complementary for such use. Architectural photography, large product photography, interior photography, and birthday parties are just a few uses for 16mm. 24mm (16mm) encompasses an angle of view of 84 degrees, which is relatively wide. This focal length can help to retain a sense of space when photographing expansive landscapes.Weighing in at just 71g and measuring 40.5mm across, the Sandmarc wide angle may not seem like much. However, there’s more to this small piece of glass than initially meets the eye.

The 16mm lens is best suited for stretching out your camera’s scope. With 0.56x magnification and a 110° field of view, it immediately creates a wider frame for photographers to work with.

The multi-element lens is also multi-coated, adding protection from dust, scratches, and weather. The lens is also compatible with select Sandmarc filters. These features combine to create a product with plenty of potential for creative photographers

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