TGP # 265 -ELECLOVER Digital Luggage Scale

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #265 hosted by Don Baine.elecloverToday’s show is on the ELECLOVER Digital Hanging Postal Luggage Scale & ON-OFF Lamp Night Light Table Lamp USB Charging LED Bedside Lamp with Gravity Sensor. Never pay overweight luggage fees again with the ELECLOVER Scale
Whether you are planning to go on the road or on the plane, this portable digital luggage scale can help to provide accurate readings of your luggage. The accurate readings range from as low as 10g/0.02lb to 110lb/50kg.

Secure Your Luggage and Travel with Peace of Mind with the TSA Approved Lock
Traveling with unlocked luggage is a travel disaster waiting to happen. Arriving at your destination only to discover you’ve been robbed is a sure fire way to ruin any trip! ELECLOVER Scale Features
– Tare function
– Data lock
– Auto off function (help conserve battery life)S
– Easily switch between lb/kg
– Easily switch between °F/°C
– A temperature sensor (can be used to test outside temperature)

– Secure your check luggage and carry-on bags on the plane, in the airport and your hotel room
– TSA Approved – can be unlocked and then relocked by TSA agents without having to break the lock
– The 3 dial combination lock can be set and reset to any combination you like as often as you want for added security. Easily visible markers makes it easy to line up the numbers correctly every time
– Flexible steel cable makes threading the cable through small zipper holes as peace of cake
– Safe, environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in regular landfill

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