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Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #288 hosted by Don Baine. EZ610S Many people have such experience: some files are sensitive need to be protected and some files aren’t. But how to separate them on a drive? By software? Nope, it’s too complicated! Hardware encryption engine
The EZ610 is design with hardware encryption engine. It’s working without software or driver is required. So it can work on multiple operation systems including Microsoft® Windows, Apple® OS X, Linux, Android and Chrome. The hardware encryption engine protects the entire files store on secured partition. It’s impossible to read and write the data on secured partition, if removing the hard drive from EZ610 and put the hard drive on a normal enclosure or even connect to computer SATA port directly.
The EZ610S will separate the disk space to one public partition and one secured partition by 50/50 of total capacity. After password setting, then computer will only recognize public partition when USB plug into the host. It does allow typing the password at the time hard drive idle. And if the password is correct then secured partition will appear properly.

I was very disappointed with the EZ610S, it did not work as advertised, and the manufacturer never responded to any of my questions.

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