Zeiss VR One+ TGP# 311

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #311 hosted by Don Baine.Journey to new worlds with the VR One Plus Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset from Zeiss , works with iPhone 6 , 6s , 6s Plus and 6 Plus only ! This headset works with your smartphone to give you access to immersive 3D videos, games, and augmented reality. Just slip your smartphone into the custom-made tray, insert the tray into the VR One Plus, and you’re ready to go. Thanks to its specially designed “eye-box,” users don’t have to make any mechanical lens adjustments to account for different interpupillary distances, meaning the VR One Plus can be worn with eyeglasses as well. Ventilation ports are built into the headset to prevent fogging, and openings in the smartphone tray allow you to hear your smartphone’s audio clearly. Zeiss Optics Innovative optics and precision eyeglass lenses from Zeiss ensure a fully immersive visual experience. Transparent Front Shield Enables the use of smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps. Universal Smartphone Tray The included universal tray holds smartphones for iPhone 6 , 6s , 6s plus only ! Head Strap The head strap is detachable and can be put on when needed. Ventilation Air vents prevent the headset from fogging up.

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