Duracell LED Pucks TGP #335

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #335 hosted by Don Baine.Duracell Puck Lights, 5-pack Duracell LED Puck Lights with directional base are the perfect solution to easily light or change the mood of any room. Use the remote to switch lights on and off, change colors, adjust brightness, or set a timer. The lights are battery operated (batteries included) so there is no need for tools or wiring. Simply load the batteries, apply the mounting tape (included) to the back of each base/light, and mount anywhere. It’s that simple.Features:Each puck comes with a directional base can mount with or without baseAdhesive material included for mountingRemote control range of 6m / 19.6 ft.50+ hours of runtime4 light color options (white, red, green, and blue)Timer presets of 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutesDimmer setting allows pucks to get brighter or dimmerNo tools or wiring required
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