TGP #404 Flex Seal

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #404 hosted by Don Baine.Flex Seal Product Description
FLEX SEAL ® is a rubberized sealant spray coating that sprays out as a liquid, seeps into cracks and holes and dries to a watertight, flexible coating. It’s the easy way to coat, seal, and stop leaks fast.

Product Features

Easy-to-use, portable, aerosol spray
Sprays out as a liquid and dries as a strong, rubberized coating
Stays flexible and pliable
Lasts for years
Won’t sag or drip in summer heat
Doesn’t crack or peel in winter cold
Stops vibrations and deadens noise
Protects surface from corrosion
Can be used on wet or dry surfaces
Once completely dry, it can be painted any color
Available in twelve (12) colors

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