TGP 410 Mint Es & H Tracker

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #410 hosted by Don Baine.
Loud – crystal clear alarm sound volume can hear from thirty feet away, up to 90 dB
Easy to use – one remote controls six items, call them at will with the press of one button
Cost-effective – receive six beepers for the price of one similar item finder, covers everything in one location
Low maintenance – replace the battery easily every six months, the only maintenance needed, no app, no tech hassle, common replacement CR battery
Perfect for one location – six beepers cover everything in one place, whether it is your home, garage, tool shed, or office.
MINT aims to bring quality electronics to consumers worldwide and share our passion and enjoyment for technology with great products. We follow the following goals when making our products, well-balanced quality and design for each item, great utility at a low cost.
MINT H is a beeper that functions as a thing-finder
This item contains four beepers and one remote. Each beeper should be applied to one item that generally stays in one location, i.e. home or office. The remote should be placed at a visible place. Each beeper and the tracked item is organized by color.

After setup, search for the item through sound. Keys, wallet, tools, and things in general can be left in an obvious place, while searching for them may take more than a few minutes. MINT H beeper will generate a very audible tune when search mode is on, and find the attached item by following the source of the loud tune

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