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Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #461 hosted by Don Baine.Easily video call with friends and family using Messenger and WhatsApp even if they don’t have Portal
Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms to keep up with the action Move and talk freely and always stay in frame
The new Portal has a 8” HD touch-screen display in a sleek new frame
See and do more with Alexa Built-in Control your smart home check who’s at the front door listen to your favorite music watch the news and more hands-free
Bring your children’s favorite stories to life with Story Time’s music animation and AR effects
Display photos from Facebook Instagram and your smartphone’s camera roll with Superframe
Get birthday reminders and see when your contacts are available to connect
Smart Sound enhances your voice while minimizing unwanted background noise
Easily disable the camera and the microphone or block the lens with the camera cover And all Portal video calls are encrypted
Active Facebook account required for product use

We also feature our weekly Free APPS selections as well as tech news and comments!
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