TGP # 517 Polsen SCL-1080 Shot Gun Microphone

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The Polsen SCL-1080 condenser shotgun microphone perfectly integrates into a setup with a DSLR, camcorder, or portable recorder to capture clear and natural audio. This microphone is optimized to reject ambient noise and focus on the subject in front of it, which is perfect for recording single subjects, interviews, dialog, and indoor or outdoor events. A switch allows you to select between cardioid and supercardioid modes to effectively capture sound in different environments.

The SCL-1080 comes with accessories designed to quickly attach it to a boom pole, tripod, or shoe mount, as well as detachable cables for rapid connection to your recorder. The boom pole clip doubles as a hand grip that’s great for getting the mic close to your subject while staying out of the picture frame. The included cables attach to the microphone with a locking connector that won’t accidentally disconnect when the cable is stretched.

For Interviews, Dialog, and Events
Whether you’re recording dialog in a studio or an interview at a crowded event like a trade show, the SCL-1080 will capture accurate and nuanced audio to a DSLR camera, camcorder, or portable recorder. This microphone is also great for run-and-gun productions and documentaries where you don’t have a lot of time to set up but need to crisp and accurate audio to accompany your picture.
Normal and Tele Modes
The microphone gives the option to select a cardioid (normal) or supercardioid (tele) polar pattern. Selecting the cardioid pattern lets you record subjects up close while rejecting extraneous sound that’s coming from off camera. The supercardioid mode is great for capturing speech or dialog at a distance, because it focuses on the sound directly in front of it while rejecting off-axis sound that can detract from the voices.
Mic Clip for Hot-Shoe or Tripod Mounting
You can mount the SCL-1080 directly onto your camera’s hot shoe. The shoe-mount mic clip comes with an industry-standard 1/4-20 socket for compatibility with most tripods, light stands, and even selfie sticks.
Mic Clip for Mic Stand, Boom Pole, or Handheld Options
Another mic clip features a 5/8-27 socket for mounting the SCL-1080 onto a mic stand. Use the reducer bushing to mount the microphone onto a 3/8-16 boom pole stud. The mic clip also doubles as a hand grip when you need to move the mic close to your subject while staying out of the picture frame.
3.5 mm Locking Audio Connection
The SCL-1080’s 3.5 mm audio connection plugs into your DSLR’s audio input jack to record live audio directly into your camera. The microphone’s locking 3.5 mm output connector will prevent the cable disconnecting the cable from the microphone when there’s strain or an accidental tug on the cable.
Cabling Options
The microphone comes with two removeable 3.5 mm cables. The coiled cable stretches from 1 to 5 feet, which is perfect for mounting the microphone close to the camera. Swap it for the 25-foot-long straight cable, which will give you plenty of length for boom pole operation.
Battery Powered
One AA battery (not included) is all you need to power the microphone for many hours of uninterrupted recording. You won’t need a camera or recorder that offers phantom power. Just install the battery, and you’re ready to go to work.

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