OctoPad TGP #344

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #344 hosted by Don Baine.
The OctoPad is the new way to support your audio, video and photographic equipment. It can be set up quickly with no fiddling around. And it stays where you put it.

The OctoPad is a completely new form concept for support equipment. It is a patent pending, weighted non-slip mat design offering far superior stability to that of existing mini tripods and suction cup supports. The OctoPad is the revolutionary first product from Octopus.Camera. It is a universal high stability support base incorporating a male 1/4-20 inch threaded bolt and custom designed, large capacity removable photographic ball head also with an adjustable 1/4-20 inch male threaded bolt connection interface. The OctoPad solves the three major complaints about these tripods and suction cup devices: Doesn’t tip over- or collapse under weight Doesn’t slip or slide- including on uneven or smooth surfaces Doesn’t lose suction- or come suddenly unattached High-Force Ball Head Clamps securely under all conditions with high wear resistance. Standard 1/4-20 Bolt Universal for attaching your own accessories. Anti-Skid Base Resistant to tipping or sliding under movement or vibration. Cable Strap Tuck cables under to keep them managed and safe from damage. Clip Grommet Use with carabiner or lanyard to secure your OctoPad. The OctoPad’s ¼-20 inch camera thread is a universal, worldwide standard connection for equipment mounting. Many audio, video and photographic devices have it built in already. Those that do not can be easily adapted with the addition of 3rd party accessories. This creates endless possibilities for supporting a broad base of gear in varied situations.

Adaptable and scalable, an OctoPad expands your creative options so you don’t have to compromise on results. One size fits all. You get the idea. It even fits in your pocket.

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