NazTech Volt TGP # 345

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #345 hosted by Don Baine.Naztech Volt AC outlet 27000Mah QC 3.0 110V/85w Max USB-C best portable power bank, Universal external battery Pack IntelliQ technology fast chargers, lightweight, Compact for Galaxy S8 MacBook.The VOLT takes portable charging to a whole new level. This massive 27000mAh battery features 3 high-speed USB ports and a game-changing built-in AC outlet. Now you can plug in and power any device, any time, from smartphones and tablets to power-heavy laptop computers. Carry a fully-powered wall outlet with you every time you step outdoors! Perfect for students, travelers, business professionals, and commuters who want total access to an exclusive AC power source without the hassle of hunting down available wall sockets. The VOLT is the ultimate charging solution to live, work, and adventure off the grid.Go Off the Grid
The VOLT lets you step outdoors with absolute peace of mind that you have the best portable backup power source to charge anything, anywhere.
Perfect for students, travelers, business professionals, and commuters. The VOLT easily slips into a briefcase, handbag, backpack or carry-on, so you can always have reliable universal portable power at your fingertips.
Shockingly compact and lightweight for the punch it provides. The VOLT is ready to toss into a bag and power you through your daily adventures.

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