TGP # 539 Zoom Q2N-4K

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #539 hosted by Don Baine.
You hardly exist today without a strong video presence on social media, but in the music world, so-so audio just won’t do. Lucky for you, Zoom has continued their line of amazing Handy Recorders with the Q2n Handy Video Recorder. The Q2n is the size of a typical mini action camera, and while it provides excellent pro-quality HD video recording, an XY stereo pair of mics also delivers the exceptional audio quality that’s made Zoom recorders extremely popular. An ultra-wide-angle (160 degrees) lens can cover the whole band, and you’ll be amazed by the Q2n’s exceptional low-light handling.

For as small as it is, the Q2n Handy Video Recorder is incredibly easy to control. For starters, there’s a highly detailed LCD screen on the back, which lets you frame your shots quickly and access settings easily. Speaking of easy, it doesn’t get more user friendly than one-button recording. No fuss, no confusing button sequences, just press it and go. When it’s time to check your video, you can hook up a set of headphones to the 1/8″ jack, plus there’s an 1/8″ input for external mics or other gear. What’s more, you can take your video to the big screen via HDMI.
The Q2n Handy Video Recorder fits in your pocket as easily as it fits in your workflow. Seriously, you can toss a few of these in your gig bag or backpack and never know they’re in there. Thanks to the amazing storage capacity of today’s card media, you can record up to 128GB on a single SDXC card, and you never have to deal with proprietary rechargeable batteries, since the Q2n will record video for up to two hours on a pair of regular AAs.

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